Fogged In

Wesley Elbridge Webber (1841-1914)




oil on canvas

Dimensions (Framed)

22 1/2" x 31"

Dimensions (Artwork)

15" x 24"

Fogged In by Wesley Elbridge Webber (1841-1914)

Oars cutting through the water in the misty fog demonstrate movement and a furled sail at the bow is calming and serene....

Schooner resting in the fog with two men rowing off the bow. Very detailed figures, as well as the oars cutting through the calm waters, leaves you with the feeling of movement. The gray tones capture the stillness of the fog and figures can be seen on the deck of the schooner.  The detail in schooner design and rigging is excellent and a sail furled on the bow adds serenity to this oil.  The large ornate frame adds dimension to the painting and is very complimentary and impressive. There is a clear and distinct signature on the lower left.  A lovely Wesley E. Webber....

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