Henley Rollabout

M.C. Henley and Son




Toy Scooter

Dimensions (Framed)

32" long x 27" high

Dimensions (Artwork)


Henley Rollabout by M.C. Henley and Son

Wooden handle child's scooter from 1913!!

This is a 1913 Henley Rollabout scooter. The shape of the frame which supports the low wooden platform has large size wheels which allows for walking or running on rough as well as smooth surfaces. The wooden handle is hinged to the footboard and was made to allow it to be folded for carrying and storage. A popular, functional toy for children, the handle is adjustable for the height of the child. The platform allows the child to mount or dismount with ease. Made entirely of steel, the handle and footboard are made of wood. Eight inch diameter wire wheels are made of steel. The Rollabout will readily roll approximately 100+ feet on level walks with one or two strokes of the foot! This Rollabout comes with the original pamphlet in very good condition showing a young lad dressed in period clothing and has some parts prices from 1913 on the bottom of the instructions. A delightful toy from the past!!

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